Is Facebook discriminating FB Pages!?

While doing some routine boredom visits on websites in social media, I realized something peculiar. The company I used to work has a FB page with over 170K followers. While I still have some access on their information channels, I […]

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Research Data

Michael Faraday in his laboratory at the Royal Institution

Always space for new findings in science

We rely on prior scientific discovery by


Science today – Simple Scenario of Research Paper use- The Unclaimed Claims

A: That moment, when you read a paper and


Research data on the cloud!? Here comes Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is

re3data.org logo

Vocabulary for the Registration and Description of Research Data Repositories

re3data.org is an interesting project aiming to create a

Medieval Library

Why Semantic Web in Digital Libraries

Malachi (the librarian) looked at me sternly: "Perhaps you


Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe / Chomsky, Tyshchenko and Albanian

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="589"] This chart shows the lexical


Free and Open Web, please

Remember SOPA? Well it was never


Little countries, big domains

Browsing through .al domains, I realized that


Tirana Startup Weekend

Nese po lexoni kete lajm, qofte nga


“Partneritet për Qeverisje të Hapur” në stilin burokratik

"It takes political leadership. It takes technical knowledge. It

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